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How Do I Choose The Right Wooden Box

There are many kinds of wooden boxes, including solid wood boxes and MDF wooden boxes, so, do you know which one to choose?

First of all, we should know some knowledge about wooden boxes

Types of wooden boxes

According to usage, there are wooden jewelry box, wooden watch box, wooden wine box, wooden whiskey box.

Types of solid wood

The wood of wooden boxes has hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is not necessarily a hard material (more dense), nor is softwood a soft material (less dense). The difference between hardwood and softwood is plant reproduction. Hardwood trees are angiosperms, which produce seeds that have some kind of coating. Cork is a gymnosperm. The seeds of these plants are uncoated and fall directly to the ground. Typically, hardwoods are deciduous and softwoods are evergreen.

Hardwoods include cherry, oak, elm, birch, beech, etc. They are usually more expensive, but their quality is better than softwood.

Cork includes beech, nanmu, camphor, pine, fir, etc. There are many kinds, and the price is acceptable to most people.

The Process of Wooden Box

In order to make wooden box packaging attract consumers' attention and increase product added value. On the premise of the original wooden box, some crafts are added. In the attractive market of wooden boxes, various value-added crafts are used to make every element perfectly displayed. People depend on clothing, products depend on packaging, and all kinds of products and commodities are the same. Not only good quality, but also appropriate, tasteful design, and exquisite outer packaging can improve brand awareness and added value.

These common processes include veneer, wood grain paper, piano lacquer, engraving, hot stamping, etc.

01  Veneer

With the continuous increase of wood consumption, the contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly prominent, and the development of wood conservation and substitution has been accelerated. To meet market demand, veneer, as the best substitute product for logs, is coming out of the market. The wood veneer process is widely used in wooden packaging boxes. It will continue to capture various elements in line with the development of the times, and win the support and trust of consumers with scientific product structure and novel products. Dongguan Precious Packaging adopts modern technological process planning and product operation mode, and finally forms an original and high-precision process model to achieve the value-added goal of proprietary technology. This process is more suitable for the packaging of some high-end wooden wine box, wooden jewelry box, etc.

02  Wood Grain Paper

The wood grain paper process is the most commonly used surface finishing process for wooden boxes. It has machine stickers and manual stickers according to the processing method. Wood grain paper is a new type of decorative material made of high molecular polymer (PVC) as raw material, adding various additives, pressing, compounding, and wood grain printing. It is characterized by realistic wood grain, which can completely imitate the wood grain of natural plants to achieve the effect of "disgusting the real one". Its fine workmanship surface effect attracts the attention of consumers very much. Its appearance has found a very promising direction for the development of wooden boxes, and has greatly improved the added value of sticker wooden boxes, and brought considerable value-added profits to enterprises.

03  Piano lacquer

Piano paint technology is a kind of baking paint technology. Compared with ordinary high-gloss spray paint, piano paint has two essential differences. First: piano paint has a thick primer layer and a sophisticated top coat. The surface is crystal clear and has strong penetrating power. Second: The surface layer of piano lacquer is strong and scratch-resistant, and it lasts forever. Because of this difference, the effect of piano lacquer is much higher than other lacquers in terms of brightness, compactness, and especially stability. The surface layer of piano lacquer is still as bright as new after decades, while the ordinary glossy spray paint has long been oxidized and penetrated and is no longer the same.

04  Engraving

Using laser engraving technology to finish the surface of the wooden box, with delicate engraving as the form of expression, so that the packaging box has a simple, exquisite, and elegant image. Laser engraving can engrave any material with high engraving precision and fast engraving speed, especially laser three-dimensional engraving, which can engrave complex patterns on spatial curved surfaces or inclined surfaces, which is quite beneficial for engraving surface texture patterns of complex parts.

05  Hot Stamping

In the post-press processing of packaging products, hot stamping process is loved by people because of its unique surface finishing effect, and it is used in high-end packaging such as cigarette labels and cosmetics. Hot stamping mainly has two functions, one is surface decoration, which increases the added value of products. Combining hot stamping and embossing techniques to show its luxury; second, to endow products with high anti-counterfeiting performance, using holographic positioning of hot stamping trademarks to prevent counterfeiting and protect famous brands. At the same time, hot stamping can express the individuality of product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly.

Second, Consider what your clients is expecting to see.

Have they spent an important amount of money buying this product from you? The significance of your customer’s knowledge from placing the order to receiving it cannot be underestimated. It will be helpful if your customer can increase sales amount with your packaging box.

Lastly, Remember: packaging is an protraction of your brand.

Hopefully this will make you look at your choice in a new light. We have a team of professional experts ready to help you work out the best solution for packing your products, so feel free to connect with us to see what solutions we can suggest.

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